Industrial Home Furniture and Décor Ideas

Industrial Home Furniture and Décor Ideas


Are you thinking to change the interior design of your rooms or the entire home? You may go for Industrial décor and furniture items to transform your space. The industrial design is suitable for the people who live in urban jungles and busy cities. By integrating industrial décor, furniture, painting, etc., you will live for the hum of the city's nightlife and the morning moments overseeing the cityscape. In this manner, you become the city that is always on the move while embracing everything that the Mother Earth offers.


What is Industrial Style?

It significantly draws inspiration from the factories and warehouses that populate the landscape. The exposed architecture, such as weathered wood, iron reinforcements, ceiling beams, etc., add to the laid-back and sturdy characters of an industrial home design. Countless contemporary spaces embrace the industrial influences with exposed and concrete piping and create no-frills and open atmosphere. Whether you want to include an industrial flair or plan on redesigning an old room, you can find numerous ways to integrate the stripped-back décor in your home.  


Know the Industrial Style Elements:

When you decide to transform your space into a rustic room décor, you have to consider the landscape's known essence. Similarly, when you select Industrial Décor for your space, you can look at the below-listed elements to understand how it works or has:

  • Metal: Corrugated, galvanized, and rusted metals are the backbone of industrial home décor. Whether it is purely for looks or serving a purpose, the metals in different forms are an industrial powerhouse.
  • Wood: The balance between the coolness of metals and warm woods is the essence of an industrial home design. Whether it is refined or rough, the industrial wood décor has seen both good and old days to give you a distinctive outlook. Repurposed and reclaimed from the glory days of being the seaside cottage's deck or an opera house's stage, the wood now has a different purpose in your home.
  • Brick: The industrial designs never hind behind the perfectly painted and plastered walls. They integrate stained, cracked, broken, and bare concrete bricks. You can take on a warehouse or factory feel by embracing the industrial details.
  • Leather: Sleek, worn, weathered, or tailored leather is best used in upholstered accents and furniture. It is the classy and charming counterpart to all utilitarian foundation of industrial home décor.


What adds to the industrial accents?

After realizing the industrial style elements, you must also know about the industrial accents to transform your living spaces. The popular industrial home décor accents are listed below:

  • Rivets: These have been approved by historical industries to be used in ships, aeroplanes, and other areas. They have been essential to industries for many decades. However, they are now a compelling and stylish detail in the industrial home décor and furniture.
  • Mechanics: Bolts, nuts, gears, and other hardware work well in an industrial design or space. The mechanical details of cables, pulleys, casters, clock gears, etc. add the fascinating factor for any riveting artwork.
  • Wire: Wire baskets and cage lights add finishing touch to your industrial home. The cage light is a reminder of many industrial places where the light needed protection, for example, warehouses and mines. They serve the same purpose in your space yet are aesthetically pleasing. While being intrinsically mechanical or industrial, the wire baskets hold clutter.
  • Reclaimed Wood: Repurposes and reclaimed metal and wood are acquired from the old structure. They get a second chance in your industrial set-up home. An apothecary cabinet act as a buffet table and an old shipping cage act as a coffee table entail a story while adding a historical touch to your home.


Some Industrial Room Décor Ideas!

Your industrial rooms will impart an impression of meeting someone new while getting a feeling that you have known him/her/it for many years. Industrial room décor is a collection with no-material to hide. The exposed brick, visible pipes, and open ceiling are imperfect and edgy, representing you who prefers to call it your habitat.   The industrial furniture and decorative items are available to you at low prices while imparting your spaces' distinctive feel and outlook. You can look at the different industrial room décor ideas that are listed below.

  • Casters: Caster wheels on any furniture makes it look industrial. You can add metal casters to your buffet, side table, or coffee table both for a factory look and mobility.
  • Large Wall Art: The oversized blueprints, clocks, and industrial graphics act as cogs on a single gear.
  • Club Char: A chair gotten from a club will be equally scholarly and comfortable where you can enjoy a nightcap or read a book.
  • Exposed Pipes: An industrial room decoration celebrates the bare structural bones like exposed pipes and air ducts.


Are you Ready?

You can browse PICTURESTOCK and PINTEREST to look for industrial home set-up pictures and get inspiration from them to transform your living spaces in a minimalistic budget. Consider the above-listed styles, elements, and ideas to get started now!