New Furniture Design Trends 2021

New Furniture Design Trends 2021


If you are looking to do some home decorations this year, or you are already in the process of designing your living space, now is the right time to check up on the new interior design trends that will be trendy this year. Every season brings new trends and styles that will dominate in this industry, which are mainly inspired by world fashion and technology trends. As the accent on different statement pieces shifts from season to season, here a quick overview of what is going to dominate this 2021 in terms of furniture design trends:


Statement Sofa

You have certainly thought that it is best to choose a sofa that will serve your entire life. Keep in mind, that no matter how quality it is, there will be a time when you will need to change it. So, why not go with the latest trends and include a statement sofa that will reflect stylishness and aesthetics in your living room. Find one that will captivate your attention with its unique bold design.


Velvet furniture pieces

Velvet plays an important role in choosing the right furniture. If your sofa does not come in velvet, consider adding some other furniture in an interesting colour. The velvet has the power to make space look more luxurious and stylish, so even pillows will do the work.


Natural materials

As the entire world and the industries are focusing on more eco-friendly living, it comes as expected that one of the trends will include natural materials such as wood. Let the wood be part of your kitchen or living room and add that natural and organic vibe.


Scandinavian Style

It seems that the Scandinavian furniture style and interior design approach does not seem to go out of style any time soon. The minimalism, the crisp and clear colours, the accent on the light, and the open space is what defines this style. It looks great in both big and small spaces.


Accent Armchair

Every place needs a nice armchair. Whether that is the living room or the bedroom, the armchair fits nicely and gives that homey vibe. It also makes space look more complete. There are many different designs but look for one that will be both nice in design terms and comfortable.


Metal Side Tables

The side tables have become very popular in the last few years. If you still have not added one to your living space, now is the right time. Their sleek appearance and functionality make them a must-have piece.