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The Rustic Urban Interior Furniture Collection

Urban Furniture and industrial rustic interiors

Industrial interior design is becoming more and more popular with rustic interiors. Industrial design, for us, is about simplicity, clean lines, natural textures, unfinished surfaces and most importantly, celebrating the quirks of the property you’re in. Instead of masking those blemishes, highlight their irregularities and make them a focal point.

Here at Niture, We’ve a passion surrounding industrial inspired homeware, offering a collection of statement furniture and decorative accessories designed to help you create a similar feel at home.

What Makes Urban Modern Decor?

Urban modern is a trendy, current interior design style that is the epitome of fashion. Commonly found in city apartments and the homes of the elite, urban modern decor is sleek and minimal. It combines comfort and glamour in perfect harmony. Let’s take a look at what makes this design style what it is, and how you can incorporate it into your own home.

But how, exactly, do you do that? Well, today we’re sharing five elements that make up an industrial inspired interior. Starting with…

Raw Materials

Image credit: Behance

We’re not sure anything embodies the industrial vibe in home décor more than materials such as wood, metal and exposed brickwork. Even unfinished plaster-work can scream “stylish” in an industrial inspired space, especially when combined with brushed steel, copper and galvanised metal. In terms of furniture, consider vintage leather, repurposed woods with natural cracks ingrained and steel piping.


Industrial Lighting

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Industrial lighting has become a go-to style over the last couple of years, across both modern and period properties. Working especially well within a kitchen and dining setting, consider sleek back metal fixtures and signature Edison bulbs. Glass or metal pendant lighting is a great way to highlight a kitchen island, while oval bulkhead lights are an interesting alternative to bedside lighting.


Our Urban bedroom range is perfect for adding a hint of industrial chic to any bedroom by providing that Rustic Interior feel..

From vintage leather Chesterfields to metal display cabinets, leather shoe benches and more, the key to achieving an industrial-inspired interior lies in your choice of furniture. Less is more when it comes to this style of home décor, so storage needs to be a consideration. Whether you’re upcycling old treasures, discovering vintage finds or buying brand new, be sure that clutter is tidied away with ladder shelving, wall storage, crates and wire baskets.

This versatile range is crafted from a metal frame with industrial-effect detail and has a wood-effect finish.



Colour Palette

Industrial Colour Palette

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When it comes to industrial-inspired interiors, natural and neutral tones work the best when teamed with materials such as wood, metal and leather. Think concrete grey, walnut brown, black, and off-white alongside splashes of olive, petrol blue, and mustard to add a little interest to the scheme. A tip to remember is stick to matte rather than anything with a glossy sheen.


Industrial Metal Letters

Image credit: Driven By Decor

Now this is why you can have a little fun. Industrial-inspired accessories can make or break a space, especially when it comes to mixing vintage and new purchases. If you feel like you’ve over styled, there’s a strong possibility you probably have. Consider bell jars, black and white cityscape photography, oversized metal letters, old Hendrick’s gin bottles (any excuse to purchase another bottle!), cushions and throws to add texture and stop the space feeling too cold, old retro fans, typewriters, cacti, vases in varying heights but similar muted tones, and church candles. Of course, there are so many other decorative accessories to choose from, but these work particularly well in an industrial inspired space.

So, there you have it, the five fundamentals to creating an industrial style interior design. Are there any elements here that you’d love to incorporate into your own home?


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